Fun Run Info

Here is where the FUN happens!

page2-img1We are planning for another great Fun Run this year for children 11 and under.

Thank you to our sponsors: Hi-Five Sports Club, and TCBoost Sports Performance. We hope to also have some new groups this year to help out!

Hi-Five Sports Club mission is to provide the highest quality youth sports programming with the utmost convenience for parents. We are passionate about the positive results that are achieved when introducing children to team sports the “Hi-Five” way. They set up a course of sports activities with help for the children to take part and run through for the first leg of the Fun Run.

The second leg of the fun run is set up by TCBoost Sports Performance. They have a speed & agility section of the course just for for young athletes. Preparing young athletes for their future by helping to develop excellent speed, agility and jumping mechanics. Learning these foundational movement skills will not only improves performance potentials, but it will also helps to reduce injury now and in the future.

The HOH Fun Run is meant to be just that! The kids will finish up the race by running the path and through the Finish Line. The goal of HOH is not just to raise funds for scholarships but also to be physically active and disconnected from technology. To learn life lessons of strength, confidence, sportsmanship that goes beyond physical activity and works to strengthen critical thinking, encourage cooperation and build character. Check out HOH 5K Run/Walk on Facebook for updates.

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